Task-Based Lessons

10. Staycation

Welcome to our 10th task 🙂 If you are fortunate enough to be able to afford a holiday this summer, chances are it will be a “staycation” – a trip to some part of your own country. I’m lucky to live in a country that, while fairly small, has a lot to offer the local …

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9. Snapshots from my life

This “show and tell” type task, which I did recently with a group of students on an oral presentations course, is based on the fact that people enjoy sharing personal experiences in photographs, and it makes use of what students have readily to hand – their devices. It encourages the students to think about people …

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8. Nature Rising

The task encourages learners to share different recent news stories concerning animals and to decide whether they are true or false: real or fake news. I’d noticed during the last couple of months how these animal stories seemed to be proliferating. They delighted me at first. I was disappointed, though, to learn that a large …

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7. Bucket List

Sometimes going through major life changes can make you look back over your life, and forward to the future. Perhaps, with the lifting of restrictions in late spring, the appearance of a chink of light between the doors of confinement has turned students’ thoughts to future possibility? This task focuses on students’ life ambitions that …

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6. Home Office

Many of us are spending much of the day at home under lockdown, even as restrictions ease in some countries. This lesson involves a series of tasks that have students discuss their experiences of “home office” – this can be extended to mean studying from home, where appropriate, or just the experience of an altered …

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5. a treasured possession

This task is inspired by the BBC Radio series, A History Of The World in 100 Objects, which is currently being re-broadcast. I’ve been in the process of moving house recently, and I’ve come to realise how many of the objects I’ve been boxing up are like museum pieces; the reason I have kept them is …

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4. Off the Beaten Track

This is an updated version of a task that I first posted on Freeed last year. https://www.freeed.com/articles/855/off-the-beaten-track-a-task-based-on-atlas-obscura The website Atlas Obscura  (https://www.atlasobscura.com/) is something of a digital Aladdin’s Cave, packed with surprises and curiosities. You can find content related to a wide range of countries and cities, with descriptions of lesser known obscure attractions for tourists …

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2. Nostalgia Story

This task focuses on sharing personal experiences, a category Willis (1996) includes in her taxonomy of task types; unlike other types, there is no problem to solve, no information or opinion gap to close, simply the (sometimes bittersweet!) pleasure of reminiscing about happy times, something we tend to do frequently – perhaps more so than …

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1. Forecasters

Introduction: Will things ever be the same? This forecasting task for higher level students will appeal to those with an interest in current affairs, business, economics and culture. It centres on what may be the long-term consequences of the current lockdown. I started thinking about this during a recent video conferencing call, when one of …

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