Taking a break – and a quick survey

5th August 2020

Hi everyone,

just a quick message to say after a busy few months it’s holiday time for us (and, we hope, for you).

We’re looking forward to returning in September with more task-based lessons. We’re thinking through how to expand what we do (to the extent that time allows). For instance:

  • even more task-based lesson plans: this will remain the backbone of the blog, but perhaps you have some ideas of the kind of tasks you would like to see;
  • methodology posts (theory and practical application, especially areas that relate to the running of task-based lessons e.g. what consciousness-raising is, dealing with emergent language etc.);
  • occasional blogcasts; for variety we’d love to post some focused but light-hearted discussions, and to include our friends in these;
  • something else….(what)?

Your feedback on what we’ve done so far and input for the future is invaluable, so if you have a few minutes, please click on this link and complete the survey. We’ve tried to keep it as short as possible.

Click here for the form

We’re really grateful for all the positive messages and feedback we’ve received from you. It means a lot.

It’s particularly rewarding for us to see these ideas – which are meant as a starting point for you to explore and adapt for your learners, to make your own – put into practice. So we’d like to finish by sharing an example we saw recently, one of our tasks being put into practice by Angelos Bollas:

Angelos teaching his version of Don’t Worry, Be Happy, Task 11

We loved watching this. If anyone else records a lesson and is willing to share it, let us know. We’d love to build up a playlist of these. It could be a very useful resource for task-based online lessons.

See you soon!

Neil A

Neil Mc